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Приложение "SlingShot DSLR Remote Control"

Рогатки является мощным инструментом управления камерой DSLR.
Версия: | Размер: 3,6 Mb
Цена: 119,99 руб.

Control your DSLR camera remotely, change settings, view the smooth LiveView, zoom and tap to have high precision focus. Perfect for night, wildlife, and studio photography.
  • Shoot in RAW or jpeg, and download the full size images to view, sort, or share.
  • Use the time lapse option for automated interval shooting.
  • Shoot in Bulb mode
  • Shoot in continuous mode
  • Remote access to almost all camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, picture quality etc.)
  • Exposure bracketingSample of features:
  • New feature: video recording
  • New feature: remote image rating and rating-based selection
  • Connect dialog clearly lists available DSLR cameras
  • Remote liveview
  • Convenient and user friendly controls
  • Double tap to touch-focus (select models)
  • Focal point based focus (currently for 6D and 70D)
  • Easy toggling of LiveView and preview of the last frame in LiveView
  • Easy and flexible time lapse
  • Custom exposure time in bulb mode
  • Fast remote image preview and flexible import options
  • Remote image histogram and metadata display
  • Comprehensive control and indication of camera settings (F-stop, shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, drive mode, metering mode, picture style, switching between RAW and JPEG, etc.)
  • A unique and convenient thumbwheel based control for F-stop and shutter speed numbers
  • Clean, intuitive, and informative interface
  • Ability to hide controls in order to access the clean image view
  • Rule-of-thirds grid overlay Supported DSLR cameras:Wi-Fi:
  • Canon EOS 6D, 70D.
  • Nikon D5300, D750, Nikon WU-1a adapter compatible cameras listed as supported below (D3200 is not supported at this time)USB:
  • Canon EOS 30D, 40D, 50D, 400D, 450D, 1000D, 550D, 60D, 600D, 650D, 7D, 700D, 750D, 1100D, 1200D, 1D mk III, 1Ds mk III, 1D mk IV, 5D mk II, 5D mk III, 6D, 70D.
  • Nikon D80, D90, D610, D5300, D600, D7000, D7100, D5200, D5300, D750, D800/D800e, D4, D3, D3s, D3x, D7000, D5000, D5100, D700, D300/D300s.System requirements:
  • Android 4.x
  • If using WiFi, a WiFi enabled android device and camera.
  • If using USB, any of the supported cameras, a USB OTG cable and an android device with full USB host support.Please note:You can try the Demo version before making a purchase to test your camera and the mobile app compatibility. You can download it for free here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BrainyLantern.slingShotBetaGoogle Plus community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103506401693763272699

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    Что нового

    Всем привет, дорогие читатели, у нас на обзоре приложение "SlingShot DSLR Remote Control" для устройств на базе андроид.
    The video explains how to use slingShot DSLR Remote Control app.
    Use slingShot to control your your camera remotely! Current stable cameras: Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 70D, and Nikon D5300 through OTG USB and WiFi. A lot of Cameras will be added soon.
    Download it from Google Play:
    Check out the beta version for the in-development cameras: The Dslr Controller App allows you to be hands free from your dslr. It is for Android tablets at the moment but when connected to a dslr you have full control of the camera using the tablets touch screen. You can even use Auto Focus even though it does not work that well yet. I still really like this app. It is great for any time you might need to go hands free with your dslr
    Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter:

    15ft Usb Cord Link:

    Blog Post:

    Web Site.




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    Дополнительная информация

    • Скачать бесплатно SlingShot-DSLR-Remote-Control-
    • Продавец: Brainy Lantern Ltd.
    • Размер приложения: 3,6 Mb
    • Текущая версия:
    • Оценка 4,4 из 5 на основании 7030 голосов.
    • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
    • Возрастные ограничения
    • Локализация: русский присутствует
    • Права Root: не требуются

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