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Приложение "Погода MegaPack Zooper"

Красота и информативность на экране Вашего смартфона? Она здесь.
Версия: 1.5 | Размер: 3,1 Mb
Цена: 77,00 руб.

Внимание! Для работы часов требуется Zooper widget PRO http://goo.gl/Hb12ToЕсли после установки часов не появляется, пожалуйста, напишите мне!Первоклассные и стильные часы на экране Вашего смартфона. Набор включает в себя 14 часов с различными информативными функциями. Все часы с легкостью масштабируются и подходят как для смартфона, так и для планшета.После установки приложения, включить Zooper widget на экран смартфона - тапнуть на виджете - в Zooper widget нажать значок "Папка" (открыть) - выбрать Dee MegaPack

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Что нового

Решил разобраться с приложением "Погода MegaPack Zooper" для устройств на базе андроид.
This app is really one of the most customizable info widgets We've ever seen, so naturally it needed a Complete Guide. There may a Part 2 to this app as there's just too much to fit into one video :-/
Hope you enjoy the video, if anything doesn't make sense, leave a comment in the description below :)
Below is some awesome stuff as shown in the video, but would've take too long to explain, a video might come later to explain these better...
How to share screens and templates (thanks Christian):
1. When you save your template Zooper Widget (PRO) stores two files in the SD card, under "ZooperWidget" folder, one is a PNG with a screenshot of your awesome creation (so you can easily post it to the forum) the other one is a ".zw" file containing the template itself.
2. The ".zw" is a zip archive with all the data in it, so if you used Bitmaps, external Fonts, Iconsets or any other resource you won't need to distribute them, those items will be part of the ".zw" template and will be extracted automatically.
3. To load the template on another device you just need to place it in the ZooperWidget SD card folder and load it."
How to add "Wifi is on like Donkey Kong"
1. Add a Rich Text Module
2. Edit Text Manually
3. Type in "$#NWIFI#!=InsertWifiNameHere?Wifi is off:Wifi is on like Donkey Kong$
Note that this is the 3rd Conditional used ($X!=Y?Z:W$, or Write Z only if X is different than Y otherwise write W)
To use your own bitmap icon sets:
1. Download these weather examples here:
2. Keep them in zip format, and paste them into the folder: "/sdcard/iconsets/" - Create this folder if it's not there.
3. Now when you open up Bitmap Icon Set - Select Icon Set.
4. Choose from the list of various icon sets :)
To add the Now Playing Widget (requires Tasker)
1. Open Tasker - Create a New Profile - Give it any name.
2. Select an Event - Variables - Variable Set.
3. Set the Variable to "%MTRACK" (leave out the inverted commas)
4. Go Back - New Task - Doesn't need a name.
5. Select the + at the bottom - Plugin - Zooper Widget.
6. Select Edit - ZW Variable: TRACK (or whatever) - ZW Text: %MTRACK.
7. Save it, go back, and make sure the Profile is ON.
8. Go into Zooper now, add in any Text, then Edit Text Manually.
9. If you called your Variable TRACK, type in #TTRACK#.
10. It should start display the track straight away if you are playing music.
Note: This was only tested with Google Play Music, so try that app first if yours doesn't work.
Music Info:
Name of the track: Feel Good
Artist of the track: Unknown
Direct URL of the track:
Link to online license terms: Galaxy note 4 is out and like every year Samsung came out with a new Clean Weather widget which actually Looks really cool !
so in this video I have shown you how easily you can get the Galaxy note 4 like Weather widget on your smartphones Using Zooper widget!
Download Link :
1- Zooper widget pro ;
2- Galaxy note 4 Skin :

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Дополнительная информация

  • Скачать бесплатно Pogoda-MegaPack-Zooper-1.5.apk
  • Продавец: Dee dev
  • Размер приложения: 3,1 Mb
  • Текущая версия: 1.5
  • Оценка 4,3 из 5 на основании 7816 голосов.
  • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Локализация: русский присутствует
  • Права Root: не требуются

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