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Приложение "Office HD: TextMaker FULL"

Только полная текстовый процессор для Android, с особенностями настольное приложение
Версия: 2.0 | Размер: 18 Mb
Цена: 50,00 руб.

This software is designed for tablets, not for smartphones. What users of Android tablets could only dream of until now is finally a reality. TextMaker HD is the only complete word processor for tablet computers – the full set of features for editing and formatting documents that you know from your desktop word processor is at your disposal. Finally, you can create and edit documents on your tablet computer like you do on your PC! Uncompromising compatibility: TextMaker HD reads and writes DOC and DOCX files from Microsoft Word 6.0 up to Word 2016, including password-protected ones. Additional supported file formats include OpenDocument, RTF, HTML and several more. Intuitive to use: If you've already worked with TextMaker or Microsoft Word, you'll pick up TextMaker HD in no time. The user interface is just like the one on the PC, but perfectly adapted to touchscreen use. Save locally or in the cloud: TextMaker HD not only opens and saves documents on your Android tablet, but also in the cloud: Directly from TextMaker HD you can edit documents in Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Evernote and OneDrive. TextMaker HD brings the features of a desktop word processor to your Android tablet. Don't settle for less. Files and printing
  • Open and save DOC and DOCX from Microsoft Word 6.0 to 2016 as well as OpenDocument Text, RTF and HTML, faithfully to the original
  • Assistant for import and export of plain-text files
  • Create PDF files and PDF forms directly in TextMaker HD
  • Printing and mail merge via Google Print and other printing programs
  • Send document by e-mail as DOC, DOCX or PDF
  • Built-in database module, lists & labelsEditing and formatting
  • Insert fields, such as date/time, page number, author, consecutive numbers etc.
  • SmartText: for example, type "asap" and "as soon as possible" appears immediately
  • Calculations in text and tables
  • Borders, shading, fill patterns, drop caps, paragraph control
  • Hidden and protected text
  • Paragraph and character styles, stylesheet manager
  • Automatic numbering of lines, paragraphs, lists and headings
  • True master pages, not just simple headers and footersComplex documents
  • Outliner for structuring documents
  • "Track changes" tracks all changes made to a document and lets you accept/reject them later
  • Comments appear as balloons in the right margin of your pages
  • Cross references, footnotes, endnotes, indices, tables of contents, bibliographies
  • Captions and tables of figures
  • Forms with input fields, checkboxes, dropdown lists, calculations etc.Graphics and drawing
  • Draw and design directly in your documents, with AutoShapes that are fully compatible with Microsoft Word
  • Insert images in a range of formats, both from files and from the Android gallery
  • Mirror effects, soft shadows and transparencies
  • Crop images directly in the document
  • Change brightness, contrast and gamma of images directly in TextMaker HD
  • Drawings can be filled with solid colors, patterns, images and gradients
  • Wrap text around irregularly shaped graphics
  • Large symbols library for flowcharts and org charts
  • TextArt feature for amazing type effects
  • 80 different types of 2D and 3D chartsTables
  • Nested and multi-page tables
  • Cells can be sorted, merged and rotated
  • Repeating headersLanguage tools
  • Spell-check in 17 languages, synonyms in 10 languages and automatic hyphenation in 33 languages
  • Typos are highlighted with a red underline

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    Я всё забросил и решил таки допилить обзор на приложение "Office HD: TextMaker FULL" для устройств на базе андроид.
    A comparison between most popular android office suites to see which of these render microsoft word documents best. Find out their strengths and weaknessesA review of two Android apps, Office 2012: TextMaker and Office 2012: Presentations.

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    • Скачать бесплатно Office-HD-TextMaker-FULL-2.0.apk
    • Продавец: SoftMaker Software GmbH
    • Размер приложения: 18 Mb
    • Текущая версия: 2.0
    • Оценка 4,6 из 5 на основании 8692 голосов.
    • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
    • Возрастные ограничения
    • Локализация: русский присутствует
    • Права Root: не требуются

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