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Приложение "OBD 2 Engine Sound"

Версия: 1.31 | Размер: 1,9 Mb
Цена: 46,37 руб.

Use your Bluetooth ELM327 adapter and your android device to make your car sound like a v6 or v8 supercar!This app reads ECU information in real time and generates muscle car engine sound.Connect your android device to your car stereo via aux cable or an FM transmitter and you are ready to go.Please don't forget to pair your Bluetooth ELM327 device before running this app!

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Всем привет, дорогие читатели, у нас на обзоре приложение "OBD 2 Engine Sound" для устройств на базе андроид.
Five exciting engine sounds that follows the engine rpm of your car! An OBDII adapter (like ELM327) sends the engine rpm with Bluetooth to the Android phone and let the SoundRacer app play the real sports car and bike sounds when you drive. Sounds are recorded from Shelby Mustang V8, Lamborghini V10, Lexus LFA V10, Ferrari V12 and Harley Davidson V-Twin. Connect the phone to car audio system with AUX, Bluetooth or FM transmitter for a great sound experience, have fun! Now on Google Play for just USD2.99 , search for SoundRacer OBDII Engine Sounds. There is also a FREE SoundRacer Android app. For questions, please send email to appsupport@soundracer.seThis is my independent review for the Lemur Monitors Blue Driver OBD2 Scanner. This is my go-to scanner. If you need to get yourself a scanner, I would seriously consider the BlueDriver because not only can you read and clear the typical check engine light codes, you can also read and clear airbag, transmission, ABS, and other module codes (for Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles).
Here is where you can get the BlueDriver:
Other Information:
-The app is easy to use and has a clean interface.
-Reads and clears the check engine, abs, airbag, transmission, and other module lights
-Works with Bluetooth Phones and Tablets, Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+
-View Freeze Frame Data
-View Mode 6 Data
-Run an emissions smog check
-Repair reports help you figure out the most common fix for your problem
-Live Data can be graphed
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  • Скачать бесплатно OBD-2-Engine-Sound-1.31.apk
  • Продавец: TFiveR
  • Размер приложения: 1,9 Mb
  • Текущая версия: 1.31
  • Оценка 3,9 из 5 на основании 1963 голосов.
  • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Локализация: русский присутствует
  • Права Root: не требуются

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