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Полный набор навигационных инструментов для города и дикой природы навигации.
Версия: 8.62 | Размер: 7,0 Mb
Цена: 49,00 руб.

Convert your phone into the most powerful GPS for Android Powered Devices with GPS Waypoints Navigator, the world's most sought-after smart phone navigation aide. With dozens of options for navigating the back-country, waterways and roadways, the tool set found in this software package will quickly become your best friend. Venture beyond network reach using offline maps and tools that only require a good view of the sky. Share important location data with friends who will be able to navigate to your favorite waypoints and find your favorite trails. Get:
  • Unlimited access to our vector map library with over 400 maps. Download maps for offline use. Transfer maps to your SD card to free-up internal memory.
  • Waypoint and Trail Management Systems.
  • Waypoint Search.
  • Waypoint File System.
  • Waypoint photography.
  • Lots of maps! Choose from multiple sources: Downloadable Vector Maps, Topo Maps, Google Maps, Satellite Maps, OpenStreetMaps- MapNik, Mapquest, Cycling Maps OpenSeaMap.
  • KML, KMZ & GPX file importing and exporting for trails and waypoints. Data is viewable and navigable on your friend's devices and in Google Earth.
  • A panel for all your GPS parameters.
  • Navigational compasses.
  • Trail Recorder.
  • Military Coordinate Finder
  • Several waypoint creation tools: Enter coordinates, set a waypoint by tapping on a map, save your current position or enter an address (voice entry supported).
  • Two Waypoint Guidance Systems including a dynamic waypoint compass that always points to your target and a new navigation concept- GPS Reflected Pseudo-Radar (available only from DS Software).
  • Trail Guidance System.
  • Map Search: Supports entry of addresses and coordinates in just about any format including UTM and MGRS.
  • Satellite reports including satellite signal bar graphs and satellite position mapping.
  • Email a map of your position. Navigation software not required on recipient's device.
  • Seamless integration with Google Earth.
  • Different GUI 's to choose from.
  • Data reporting for marine navigation.
  • Supports several coordinate formats: Latitude/Longitude as degrees, deg:min or deg:min:sec, UTM, MGRS.
  • Proximity alerts.
  • Altitude profiling determined from your position matched to altitude values in land survey databases providing you with values that are more reliable than altitude values returned from your device's GPS chip.
  • Map with floating reticule that shows your position with bearing and distance to reticule.
  • Sunrise Sunset report- Does not require a network connection. Useful for planning expedition turn around time or time to make camp.
  • Data is backed up allowing battery change without data loss.This premium navigation system is ad-free
  • Check out our YouTube product demo at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K9dGhZG73sAlso get:- Turn-by-turn driving directions and driving maps.- You decide how compasses are controlled- By GPS or magnetically. Use magnetic control for indoors, underground or in caves.- Customized unit reporting: Units reported as either U.S, Nautical or SI/Metric- Detailed Help file- Excellent customer service- Supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese (traditional and simplified).With GPS Waypoints Navigator, every navigation experience will be as easy as a walk in the park!
  • Recent Additions
  • - GPX, KML AND KMZ FILE HANDLING. EXPORT YOUR TRACKS AS A GPX FILE AND USE IT TO HELP BUILD OPENSTREETMAP. IMPORT GPX FILES FROM GARMIN. KML FILES ARE BEST FOR VIEWING IN GOOGLE EARTH.- MAP MANAGER- WAYPOINT SEARCH- WAYPOINT CALCULATOR- MARINE MARKERS- WAYPOINT PHOTOGRAPHY- MAP SEARCH- ALTITUDE SUPPORT: choose Satellite, United States Geologic Survey location based altitude or Mapquest's Altitude Service. USGS and Mapquest data are generally more accurate but require a network connection. USGS available only in contiguous U.S.A, Canada and Mexico.

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    Добрый день! С вами снова Семён. Наконец-то нашел время и установил на свой телефон интересное приложение - "GPS Waypoints Navigator" для устройств на базе андроид.
    Our goal is to provide the best in class tools for hunters who use their Android devices to navigate, check weather conditions,mark waypoints, share experiences with their family and friends, check hunting regs, set up trips with one or more friends and connect through their devices. Our Customer support is fast and responsive.
    Our passion for hunting drives us to continually add new features and functions. Our customers drive a lot of those ideas. So try it out and experience for yourself the power of Hunting Ops on your Android device.
    Please contact me if you want iPhone, iPad, Android app demo video like this.. @
    Convert your phone into a powerful GPS with Polaris Navigation System. With a tool-set that includes online and offline maps, a panel for all standard GPS parameters, odometers, altimeters, speedometers, and directional compasses, you'll never feel lost and alone again. Also included in this immense tool-set:
    - A Robust waypoint management system for setting and locating your targets.
    - Trail recording and viewing- Record trails and store them to a trail database. Trails can be viewed later or in real time on aerial or standard maps.
    - Select map source (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap-Mapnik, Maps from Mapquest, Cycle Route Maps).
    - Cache map data for offline use and access maps when you don't have a network connection.
    - A satellite reporting module shows the location of the GPS satellites relative to your position and graphs each satellite's signal strength.
    - A waypoint guidance system includes a dynamic waypoint-finding compass that will help you navigate to any saved waypoint with certainty while reporting estimated time of arrival, distance to target and other statistics.
    - Trail Guidance System
    - Email location data from the app.
    - Supports many coordinate formats including latitude/longitude as degrees, deg:min, deg:min:sec, Military Grid Coordinate Reference System, and UTM coordinates.
    - Customizable unit reporting including support for marine navigation.
    - Select source for altitude reporting: Satellites, United States Geologic Survey or Mapquest's Altitude Service
    - Turn-by-turn directions and route maps are included for navigating roads.
    - Data protection System- Your data is backed up regularly meaning you will not lose your progress should your battery need replacement while en route to your destination.
    HD Video:
    **DS Software specializes in mobile navigation tools.
    ** Additional Screenshots at:
    * NEW ********
    v.5.40- Added Map Search and Coordinate Conversion capabilities with the new MapIt plug-in.
    v.5.32- Maps now viewable in landscape mode.
    v.5.20- Added more map types and made it easier to switch from one map type to another. All new map
    types can be cached for offline use.
    v.4.90- Added MGRS (military grid reference) coordinate system and power saving options.
    v.4.80- Offline maps and alternate map sources.
    v.4.55- All numeric and time reporting formatted to your country's custom. Odometer values filtered at zero speed.
    v.4.54- I. May now enter and navigate by UTM coordinates
    V.4.50- I. Improved compatibility for marine navigation with addition of nautical units and coordinates
    V.4-Multiple altitude sourcing- Satellites, US Geo Survey and Mapquest. Thanks to Odd Jørgen Eide, Philippines for some great user feedback and suggestions!

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    • Скачать бесплатно GPS-Waypoints-Navigator-8.62.apk
    • Продавец: DS Software
    • Размер приложения: 7,0 Mb
    • Текущая версия: 8.62
    • Оценка из 5 на основании 8837 голосов.
    • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
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    • Права Root: не требуются

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