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Выберите любой из 48 Forex пар, чтобы увидеть текущие линии поддержки и сопротивления.
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Forex Charts Today will analyze the last several years of bar chart end of day data and find the most important Support, Resistance and Reaction Lines. The most important Support Lines and the most important Resistance Lines will be shown. Each chart is auto zoomed to adjust for the dominant trend lines. Accurate support and resistance values are shown at the bottom of each chart.

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Всем привет, дорогие читатели, у нас на обзоре приложение "Forex Charts Today" для устройств на базе андроид.
A few years ago we were playing with our smartphones, using Windows Mobile and talking about whether it is possible to actually trade on a mobile. Now we are way past that point and the question now is "What is the best way to effectively manage your mobile forex trading business on an Android or Iphone. Whether you just got a new Samsung Galaxy 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, or Apple Iphone, you are probably now starting to look at how to manage your business between the mobile and your home computer desktop system or laptop.
In this video you will see how some professional use mobile forex trading not just by whipping it out and jumping in a trade but by using the mobile as an extension of their desktop multiscreen trading system or laptop. You can use your mobile Forex trading charts such as Trade Interceptor or Metatrader 4 or 5 mobile, (MT4 mobile and MT5 mobile)
You can access your Forex trading notes on your Android using Google documents or Evernote. You can keep up with the latest Forex trading news on Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN Money and DailyFX. You can transfer funds with your Forex broker and do online banking. You can check on your other investments and watch Forex training videos while you are out using the mobile.
One really awesome thing you can do on your new Samsung Galaxy Note or Sony Expera Z is to access your home computer using remote access such as Logmein or Teamviewer. These remote access tools give you complete visual access and control of your home computer where you can access your desktop charts and place trades or whatever you need to do that you can only do on a home computer
Mobile Forex Trading: Manage Your Forex Trading Business on an Android or Iphone

Have you ever wondered how to trade Forex on an Iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or Google android phone such as a Samsung Galaxy or Sony Ericson Experia? Well, here's the inside scoop on that apps to look for, what is working and what is not. Should you spend money on a paid charting service? Can you place trades through your Forex broker on the phone you are now using? Does it really work? Are there any challenges with maintaining your Forex trading business using a mobile phone?
Scott Shubert, of Trading Mastermind has already done some research and testing to find out what is currently working on Android mobile phones and iphones and what is the story on Metatrader Mobile for Android as well as Windows Mobile.
Using a tablet such as an Apple Ipad or a Samsung Galaxy tab can enhance your lifestyle as a Forex trader. There are times a places for laptops and notebook computers and there are times when you may want to do your Forex trading only on a small handheld mobile device. This video is about how to actually run a Forex trading business using one of these smaller devices while you are away from your computer in order to create more freedom of mobility and a better lifestyle.

How To Trade Forex With A Mobile Android Phone, Ipad or Iphone

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