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Приложение "DigiHUD Pro Speedometer"

Бесплатная доска объявлений GPS цифровой спидометр с Head-Up Display (HUD) для телефона или планшета.
Версия: 1.0.16 | Размер: 2,5 Mb
Цена: 79,99 руб.

DigiHUD Pro Speedometer is a GPS based digital head up display (HUD) for Android that shows and can record useful speed and distance information for your journey. Ideal if your vehicle speedo has died, you want to verify your vehicle speed or you just need know your speed when cycling, running, flying, sailing etc.!
  • Although we strive to make all readings as accurate as possible they are only as accurate as your device's GPS sensor and should only be regarded as approximations.Features:Includes all DigiHUD Speedometer features plus -
  • Choose any background color
  • Profiles - create profiles for different activities or modes of transport and keep all their settings and values separate
  • Pins - save locations you visit. Navigate there or view them in Google Maps later
  • Speed Warnings - have as many as you like. Set a color, trigger speed, built-in/custom/no alert sound. Trigger on overspeed/underspeed (possibly one for the pilots)
  • Log your routes and export to .KML, .GPX and .CSV file formats, or open in Earth if installed
  • Day/Night mode - choose a different color and brightness setting for day and night. Auto mode automatically switches at sunrise and sunset
  • Edit speed and distance values, like odometer, trip and max
  • Optional start/stop on power connected/disconnected
  • Litespeed - switch to 'Lite mode' (Speed only) when you go over a chosen speed
  • Speedtouch Lock - turn off all screen touch events over a chosen speed
  • Elapsed time (tap the clock to switch, and again for the clock)
  • Tap compass for simple compass, bearing and odometer (tap again for classic compass)
  • Speed offset - adjust the displayed value by up to +/-20%
  • Hide unlit number segments - make those empty digits less distracting
  • Google Map view - splits the screen between speed and a live Google Map showing your location.
  • Choose the number of decimal places to show for values, up to two.
  • Speed can optionally be to one decimal place.
  • Compatible with Samsung's Multi-Window & LG's Dual-Window ModesMany more are planned for the future. If you have any suggestions please email the address at the bottom of this listing.DigiHUD Pro tips:- Tap the car icon to open Profiles- Tap the Pin icon to save this location as a Pin. Long press to see your Pins- Swipe the speed left or right to switch between Full, Lite and speed/map split view- Swipe the speed up or down to switch between HUD (mirrored) and normal displays- Touch the trip counter to cycle through the three counters- Long-press the speed unit to choose between MPH, KMH and KTS (also in the Menu)- Long-pressing on a speed or trip value will reset it- Long-press the red circle to start/stop logging- When in window mode touch the DigiHUD Pro icon (top left of the window) for a menu to switch to the full screen app, pause, start/stop logging or exit- All values can be reset by long-pressing "PAUSE RESET" (except Odometer reading in the Statistics popup).- The screen will not turn off during long journeys and works in landscape or portrait mode.
  • This application requires the use of the GPS receiver, which may increase battery usage.
  • Privacy etc:There are no Ads.DigiHUD Pro uses an internet connection (if available) for the Google Map, address lookups and crash/analytics reporting. Please review Help within the app for more information.It will work with no data or cell connection.Want to give feedback? Hold the thumb up/thumb down icon to open Google Play (icon appears after 3 days installed).If you have any problems using DigiHUD Pro please check the http://digihud.co.uk/blog/frequently-answered-questions/troubleshooting/">FAQs or http://digihud.co.uk/blog/contact-form/">contact us.

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    Решил разобраться с приложением "DigiHUD Pro Speedometer" для устройств на базе андроид.
    Here's a quick review of the DigiHUD app, which I thought would be cool to show you while I was stuck in traffic. (Please don't try this while driving unless you are a High on Android professional like FlossyCarter.)
    Get it here:

    There's also PRO version which comes more nifty features like automatic screen brightness adjustment during the day.
    I highly recommend using a USB car charger while using this app, try PowerGen:
    And as always, please stay HIGH on Android!
    Intro Music Credits:
    Dub Zap from YouTube Audio Library.
    Best way to contact me is on Twitter as I am always tweeting 24/7:

    Follow me on Google Plus here:

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    Grab High On Android T-shirts here:
    I had to make a unscheduled trip to Florida and my speedometer had just stopped working in my car... I didn't have time to fix it, so I looked at my phone and said "I wonder if there is an app for that?" Well needless to say, there is... And I don't think I will ever worry about getting my car's speedometer fixed now!!!
    This is not a full review of the Android-Speedometer App. It is simply a hands on review to give people an idea of just how powerful of an android application this really is.
    So here is my two cents on this amazing little FREE app:
    While driving down to Florida in the dark, I was messing with a Speedometer App on my iPhone. It was pretty basic. It just looked like my dashboard speedometer. It showed me my speed but that was about it... So I asked my brother use his HTC Droid Incredible and search the Android Market so see just what apps were available.
    He found Android-Speedometer and that is where the fun began. It had a big, easy-to-read display that seemed to keep perfect speed readings with every push of the gas or brakes. He then found the HUD ( Heads Up Display ) button and pushed it. After that he placed the Incredible on the dash and we instantly fell in love with what we saw! A beautiful speedometer displayed right in the reflection of my car's windshield... We had never even thought of a speedometer application even existing just minutes before and now we felt like we just traded my cheap little Honda Civic for some sort of Cadillac or something. Its simply amazing!
    It really saved the day by allowing my to still drive the speed limit (umm... ok, maybe a little faster then that ). No really it did exactly what we needed it to do since my real speedometer had stopped working, but it also made driving SO MUCH MORE RELAXING... No more looking up and down at the cars speedometer! You simply move the phone forward or backward on the car's dash until the phones display positions the reflection wherever you find it to be most convenient and to your personal liking. Its that simple!
    What a difference it makes on long trips! It definitely takes some of the strain out of those late night road trips. Plus there are all types of settings you can adjust to you liking. Things like a clock, custom font colors, speed warnings (to keep you from going to fast), stop watch timer, compass, Google Maps integration, distances and times, records, statistics, satelitte views, power saving mode and much, much more.
    There is also a pro version that removes the ads that are on the menus of the free version. The pro version is currently just over $2 so it won't break the bank!
    I highly recommend downloading this free app if you like driving at night. I must warn you though that you may have to get used to cars slowing down next to you to see how you have your speed displayed on your windshield! It looks so cool that people can't help but to be nosey :)
    Please leave comments below if you use this app or any similar app that you may want to share. We would love to hear from you :)

    Дополнительная информация

    • Скачать бесплатно DigiHUD-Pro-Speedometer-1.0.16.apk
    • Продавец: James Moss
    • Размер приложения: 2,5 Mb
    • Текущая версия: 1.0.16
    • Оценка 4,6 из 5 на основании 6943 голосов.
    • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
    • Возрастные ограничения
    • Локализация: русский присутствует
    • Права Root: не требуются

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