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Приложение "Bills +"

Версия: 1.5.1 | Размер: 493 Kb
Цена: 40,60 руб.

This is bills reminder app that is to handle your payment and deposit amounts and make you sure pay your bills on time.
No internet connection required.
Available in languages: English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Russian, Magyar and Norwegian.
Calendar and list view of monthly payable and receivable bills.
Add once and recurring bills.
Bar & Pie chart report of payable and receivable bills to get clear understanding.
Manageable pre-defined notes and color coded categories.
Search bill entries by keyword (eg: payee, category and notes).
Password protection to keep your data secure.
Export your records as .CSV file to SDcard.
Customize date format, first day of week, notification time, notification sound and currency.
Backup and Restore to/from SDcard.!!! IMPORTANT !!!How to restore data from free to paid version?Create backup in free version (More tab>>Settings>>Backup)and now restore it in paid version (More tab>>Settings>>Restore)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Что нового

Я всё забросил и решил таки допилить обзор на приложение "Bills +" для устройств на базе андроид.
Mint Bills is an award-winning mobile app that stays on top of your bills & money for you, so you never miss a bill or get hit with overdraft & late fees again. Just set it up once and the app goes to work – proactively staying on top of your bills and monitoring your bank accounts & credit cards, all in one place, from your mobile device. When bills are due or funds are low, the app will let you know so you’re never caught off guard.
Loved by the Press & Featured in Google Play & iTunes:
• Top Developer (2011-2014)
• Enhanced for iOS 8 (Nov 2014)
• Great Free Apps for iPhone (Jan 2014)
• Best Apps of 2013
• Google Staff Picks (2011-2013)
• Best New Apps for iPhone (Dec 2013)
• New Year, New You - Personal Finance - iPhone (Dec 2013)
• New Year, New You - iPhone (Dec 2012)
• 10 Finance Essentials - iOS (2012)
• Google Editor's Choice (2011-2012)
• Best 100 Android Apps of 2013 - PC Magazine 2013
• "Cadillac of money management apps" – CNN Money
Our app keeps your bills, money, & budget in check:
• Get reminders when bills are due and pay them on the spot or schedule bill payments in advance with 1 easy click
• Conveniently pay bills with a bank account or credit card*
• See & track all your bills, accounts, & cash in one centralized place from your mobile device
• Receive alerts when cash is low and credit limits are near
• Take action on alerts & notifications from your wear device
• Add the Mint Bills widget to your home screen for one-tap access to your bills
The Mint Bills app pays your bills on time so you never stress about missing a bill again, paying overdraft or late fees, or exceeding your monthly budget – we’ll remember so you don’t have to. No stamps, no phone calls, no late fees, no hassle.
The Mint Bills mobile app keeps it all together in once central place. Personal finances & budgeting can get complex - with multiple credit cards, bank accounts, insurance accounts, and numerous bills to keep track of, it’s too easy to overdraft, miss a bill payment or exceed credit limits. With our app, you never have to worry because you’ll always know exactly where you stand with your personal finances.
Our Triple Layer Security ensures your information is safe & secure.
1. Bank-Level Security: Our app is armed with the same 128-bit encryption and physical security standards as your bank. The app is also verified and monitored by third party security experts such as TRUSTe, McAfee, Hacker Safe and Verisign.
2. In-App Security & Remote Data Destruct: Safeguard app access with a personal 4-digit PIN, so only you can view your account. If your smartphone is ever lost or stolen, delete all your account information remotely with one easy click.
3. Real-Time Alerts: If the app notices any large purchases or unusual charges in your account, you’ll be notified immediately via real-time push messages & emails.
It’s easy to get started:
1. Download the app
2. Securely connect your personal finance accounts to get reminders & alerts
3. Relax while the app stays on top of it all, for you!
* Transaction fee applies
We support thousands of banks so you can track your cash flow, including Bank of America, Capital One, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank, and more! You can monitor all of your personal finance accounts, stay on top of your money, budget, see cash balances, mortgages, loans, bills, and keep track of interest rates & finance charges.
We also support credit unions like USAA (bank/credit card & insurance), and Navy Federal Credit Union, as well as all the most popular credit cards such as Discover, American Express, Capital One, Citibank, and Chase. You can also track insurance providers such as State Farm Insurance, GEICO, and more!
Mint Bills is provided by Intuit Mint Bills, Inc., an authorized delegate of Intuit Payments Inc. in Washington State.Lord Bills VS Android 18, Tien, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta and Gotenks. (English Dub)

Дополнительная информация

  • Скачать бесплатно Bills--1.5.1.apk
  • Продавец: Narain Apps
  • Размер приложения: 493 Kb
  • Текущая версия: 1.5.1
  • Оценка 4,2 из 5 на основании 2656 голосов.
  • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Локализация: русский присутствует
  • Права Root: не требуются

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