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Слушайте сердцебиение вашего ребенка.
Версия: 1.0.2 | Размер: 1,1 Mb
Цена: 149,95 руб.

Baby Heartbeats Pro is an android app designed to record fetal heartbeat with just phone's microphone. Baby's heartbeat recording can be shared with your loved ones via email, facebook, twitter etc. With Baby Heartbeats Pro app pregnant mother and father can listen to their baby's heartbeat. This application is developed for last trimester of pregnancy. It is safe to use as AIRPLANE MODE mode is mandatory which cancels all emitted waves from the device (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, etc.), so you can use your android phone as stethoscope to hear your fetal heartbeats.TRY VOICE_RECOGNITION FIRST IF IT DOES NOT RECORD PLEASE TRY MIC AS AUDIO SOURCE IN SETTINGS. Some manufacturers provide raw sound with either one of them.PLEASE USE HEADPHONES TO LISTEN TO PREVIEW OR SAVED RECORDINGS!!!TRY YOUR HEARTBEAT FIRST AND DO THE NECESSARY ADJUSTMENT IN SETTINGS BEFORE TRYING TO RECORD BABY'S HEARTBEAT!!!Steps to record1. Click on Record Button2. Turn on Airplane Mode, it is mandatory. Provides safeguard against cellphones radio waves.3. Use Phone's MIC and make sure you are in the quiet surroundings4. Preview and Save the recording. Please use headphones to listen to preview or saved recordings, you will most probably not hear anything without it.5. Replay the recording by clicking on the Playlist Button beside Record Button.As per Google's refund policy, you have the option for refund within 2 hours of your purchase (https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/134336?hl=en).There is no magic, working of this app entirely depends on your phone's hardware. If your phone's microphone can record high fidelity sound (<150Hz) then you will be hearing the beats. WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY PREGNANCY!!!Recording depends on the hardware and the custom processing done by the phone manufacturer. You can adjust setting as follows1. Change the sound source from VOICE_RECOGNITION to MIC. Some manufacturers provide raw sound with either one of them.2. There are four filtering options, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Band Stop Filter and Band Pass Filter.3. Low Pass Filter use low pass frequency as a cut-off frequency. Low pass frequency is also used by Band Stop Filter and Band Pass Filter as low cut-off.3. High Pass Filter use high pass frequency as a cut-off frequency. High pass frequency is also used by Band Stop Filter and Band Pass Filter as high cut-off.4. There are six various window option that will be used by filters.5. Filter Order: In audio signal processing, filter order is a delay in samples used to create each output. You can try various filter order for enhanced filtering.FOR REFUND, make sure your phone is not in airplane mode. If it doesn't work for you please email us the order number and we will refund the money, no questions asked.

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Я всё забросил и решил таки допилить обзор на приложение "Baby Heartbeats Pro" для устройств на базе андроид.
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Группа ВК: Here is a how to on using your iPhone 4 to hear your babies heart beat while you are still pregnant. We are currently 24 weeks, and this App was well worth the download. You will need iStethoscope and a set of earphones WITHOUT a microphone.

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  • Скачать бесплатно Baby-Heartbeats-Pro-1.0.2.apk
  • Продавец: Medroid Apps
  • Размер приложения: 1,1 Mb
  • Текущая версия: 1.0.2
  • Оценка 3,0 из 5 на основании 8886 голосов.
  • Требуемая версия Android: зависит от устройства
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Локализация: русский присутствует
  • Права Root: не требуются

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